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SUN ZI – The Art of War


Written to advise ancient Chinese generals on warfare, the Art of War offers advice on a range of matters still relevant today, such as the importance of diplomacy, good management and strategy. Sun Zi teaches us to focus on difficulties and risk when things are easy and to seize opportunity when times are difficult.

This edition by Bibliobath is entirely waterproof and highly durable. Ideal to keep next to your tub to pick up while relaxing in a hot bath, or to bring along on a beach holiday.

Limited Edition Print: Last in Stock!

This Limited Edition of The Art of War was developed as part of the Bibliobath Kickstarter campaign. Only 500 copies have been produced worldwide and this series will not be re-printed once stock runs out.

265 in stock

  • Limited edition! Only 500 copies produced worldwide
  • Fully waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Convenient compact format in 80 pages
  • Modern English translation

Table of Contents

  1. 计篇 | Making Assessments
  2. 作战篇 | Waging War
  3. 谋攻篇 | Attacking by Stratagem
  4. 形篇 | Disposition (Xing)
  5. 势篇 | Momentum (Shi)
  6. 虚实篇 | Weaknesses and Strengths
  7. 军争篇 | Manoeuvring
  8. 九变篇 | Varying the Tactics
  9. 行军篇 | Deploying the Troops
  10. 地形篇 | The Terrain
  11. 九地篇 | Nine Regions
  12. 火攻篇 | Attacking by Fire
  13. 用间篇 | Using Spies