Sun Zi – The Art of War


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Many classics of philosophy and strategy are considered timeless but they often prove tough to get to grips with. Sun Zi is the exception. Over 2,500 years old, The Art of War reads like a Chinese master wrote a brilliant blog post on diplomacy and strategy – with some ancient chariots and foot soldiers thrown in for good measure!

We have chosen to use a more modern, fluent interpretation of the text, rather than to just translate the original characters word for word. The result is a book which is easy to read yet packs a ton of wisdom into each paragraph. A real badass strategist spends Sunday nights in a hot bath with a good glass of whiskey and this limited edition of The Art of War.

  • 80-page, modern English translation
  • Backers will receive the fully waterproof and highly durable edition of The Art of War – limited edition of 500 copies only!